Denver Broncos ici, on parle de toutes les équipes de la conférence américaine...

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Re: Denver Broncos

Messagepar killerdescore » mer. janv. 31, 2018 22:38

Il dois vous rester 24-25millions

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Re: Denver Broncos

Messagepar elway22 » jeu. févr. 01, 2018 20:40

Impossible de dire quel QB de cette draft réussira à coup sur. Je préfère qu'on aille sur Cousins et qu'on prenne un des 2 gars de la OL de Notre Dame. Je pense qu'il va y avoir des cuts ou trades surprise. Une petite nanalyse empruntée a Milh High Nation.
Aqib Talib: $11M - $.6M = about $10.4M in 2018 cap space cleared if Talib is cut or traded.

Demaryius Thomas: The situation with DT is cloudy because 2017 is an option year that activates the final 2 years of his contract. That option comes with a $4M option bonus that prorates at $1.333M per year over the 2017, 2018, and 2019 seasons and must be exercised between 2/10/2017, and the end of the 2017 League year next March, or else DT will become an UFA at the beginning of the 2018 League season and free agency in March. I would guess that the option has not been exercised yet, and that Elway is waiting until after the end of the Broncos' season, and closer to the deadline to make a decision about it. Assuming it hasn't already been exercised, DT can't be traded without exercising it, because trades won't open up again until he will have already become an UFA. He could however be allowed to walk away in free agency, and could bring back a potential 2019 third or fourth round comp. pick. In that case, the 2018 cap space cleared after dead money is accounted for would be about $7.633M - $0.6M = $7.033M. Also, it looks to me like the Broncos should get an additional $1.333M added to their 2018 cap space as an adjustment for the prorated portion of the bonus that counted against the 2017 cap, but was never paid out (although I'm not 100% sure about that).

Emmanuel Sanders: Cutting or trading Sanders would clear $5.5625M after accounting for dead money - $0.6M = $4.9625M in 2018 cap space.

Menelik Watson: the cap numbers currently listed at OTC and Spotrac need to be modified to account for the fact that his contract contains a "per game roster bonus," and Watson was only active in 7 games in 2017, not 16. But to simplify the math, I'll use the currently listed numbers. Cutting or trading Watson would clear $4.792M after accounting for dead money - $0.6M = $4.192M in 2018 cap space.

CJ Anderson: Cutting or trading Anderson would clear $4.5M - $0.6M = $3.9M in 2018 cap space.

Zach Kerr: Kerr has been plagued with nagging injuries, and has had little playing time and little impact. Cutting or trading him would clear $1.5M - $0.6M = $0.9M in 2018 cap space.

Brandon Marshall: Marshall's $5M 2018 salary becomes fully guaranteed in March (date not specified by Spotrac or OTC). Cutting him before that date, or trading him would clear $1M after dead money is accounted for - $0.6M = $0.4M in 2018 cap space. IMO, that's highly unlikely to happen, especially given the fact that he is currently the only ILB the Broncos have under contract for 2018.

Trevor Siemian: Cutting or trading Siemian would clear $0.705M - $0.6M = $0.105M in 2018.

Paxton Lynch: Paxton's entire 2018 salary of $1.311M, and $0.6M of his $1.742M 2019 salary are fully guaranteed. Given that fact, and given his somewhat disappointing performances in his admittedly limited playing time to date, I don't think there is likely to be much of a trade market for him. However, it would cost more against the 2018 cap to cut him than to keep him, so I expect he'll remain a Bronco for 2018.

Von Miller: The only way I MIGHT consider parting ways with Von in 2018 is if the Colts are willing to trade Luck for him, and Luck checks out medically with flying colors. However, I have seen a few people advocate for trading him for a shit ton of draft capital, so I'll do some quick calculations. Trading Von would clear $12.2M after dead money is accounted for - $0.6M = $11.6M in 2018 cap space.

Discussion time! I thought about including a poll, but couldn't decide whether to make it about UFAs of our own or other teams to sign, or Broncos' players to cut or trade, or pros and cons of extending Barrett and/or Paradis, or whatever.

On gardera surement pas Talib, mais je vois bien Sanders faire ses valises ou qu'on demande à Demaryus de réviser son contrat.
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